Solve the chore: Green Bean Delivery

Changes can be big and changes can be small, but by changing we cure our affluenza.   So perhaps you have thought to yourself, how I can spend more time doing the activities that I love rather than going to the store.  Solve the chore and keep your house well supplied from this day forward.

http://www.GreenBeanDelivery.com  offers consumers a convenient way to purchase and manage your consumable goods like U-Relish Farm one step soups in a sack.

Here is what it does for my household:

  1.  Free Shipping: No more hauling, lugging, or trips to purchase regular supplies from the store.
  2. Establishes a revolving credit pattern
  3. Manages needs weekly, monthly, Quarterly and Semi Yearly
  4. Make our consumables automatic
  5. A wider variety of organic, natural and green products then local stores
  6. Lowers my risk for drive time and car accidents
  7. Decreases risk of exposure to flu and cold

U-Relish Farm’s solutions for supper are distributed by Green Bean Delivery to Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee.  The Dafforn’s household has been a household subscriber for 5 years with exceptional results. This is not a paid advertisement, but a testimony of how sustainable food systems are being built in the Midwest.


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