Curing Affluenza: Your Time 

Where did all the time go?

Take a time inventory to track how much time you spend on varies activities. Awareness is likely to lead you to make positive changes. The cure to affluenza is restraint. Acknowledge that time is your greatest asset and that your activities reflect your quality of life. Voluntary simplicity means spending quality and quantity of time in joyful relationships with family and friends, talking, laughing and sharing food, nature and physical movement. Here are some ideas that I value to enhance your quality of life.

Surround Time: Claim the 30 minutes to an hour before and after the appointment. Make the choice to walk rather then drive to the appointment. When using public transportation choose to mediate, listen to nature sounds or classical music to calm your body and mind.

Do Nothing Time: Once a month a weekend is designated as unable to schedule. The greatest moments with family often are inspired when there are no schedule activities.

Substitute Time: Can you replace grocery shopping with home delivery? What if you changed working out at a gym for a home workout plan? Can you stay home for vacation?  You gotta eat… so start a monthly supper club hosted by your friends.

Found Time: Hurry up and then wait. Use that waiting room time to breath, relax, read or meditate.
Planned Spontaneity: Pack in advance to a day trip out of town or a picnic in the park. Repack after then experience rather than waiting till the day before.

Quiet time: Choose to have a media fast. Dinner time should be sacred and foster communication.

Inspired by Linda Breen Pierce who wrote Simplicity Lessons: a 12 step guide to Living Simply, you can join me on limiting your material possessions to cure Affluenza. Change your thinking and lead a thought revolution

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