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Curing Affluenza: Your Occupation 

The cure to affluenza is to engage in service that you would continue if you had an unexpected windfall.  Ask yourself if you would continue to perform the same work if you won the lottery or came into inheritance.

I believe that work is essential so let’s spread it around, make telecommuting the normal and job share the expected. As a small business owner, this occupation was designed to create a job, an occupation that I alone would be excited to perform 6 days a week.  Choosing the Indianapolis City Market as my office has made all the difference.   I find creating slow cooked soups in a sack a  purposeful activity that uses my talents as a urban farmer, as well as my talents and skills to make a contribution to the world in a manner that is in harmony with owns values and is in balance for my personal life.

My hope for you is to find the same enjoyment and satisfaction with your life.  I dedicate this blog to J.A. Lacy, Raw Food Chef Sonja Bannon, Chef Jenxie, Chef Whitmoyer, Kelsey Foster, Justin Hicks (Artist), and J. Beaver (Artist)
Thank you for supporting my vision by creating a fulfilled life while living with voluntary simplicity.

Let’s imagine a culture of where everyone took a deep breath and cleared their mind before their next phone call, client or customer. Inspired by Linda Breen Pierce who wrote Simplicity Lessons: a 12 step guide to Living Simply, you can join me to cure affluenza.

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