Curing Affluenza: Day by Day

Luxury is the overused adjective of the decade. Condos, hotels, and restaurants all claim decadence or imply superior service that only insiders receive. When curing affluenza we must separate indulgence from necessity. Begin by defining an experience from an object.

The great news… Green luxury can be found the moment you walk out your front door. Connecting with the sights and sounds of a city park, planning a short day trip to swim or picnic at a state park renew my spirits and are now a habitual indulgence as well as a rite of the summer.

Green sumptuous living can be found in every room of your home beginning with your morning routine. Each of my mornings is begun in the dining room with gratitude and an aromatic fragrance of the crockpot gurgling away to hydrate the house.

After gathering myself and preparing my priorities for the day to include permaculture into my day. Some examples include;  prepare a rose petal facial from the wilted bouquet. My shower has a spring of Eucalyptus or peppermint geranium which releases a fragrance that complements my morning.

Ironing with lavender water rather than spray starch has greened by routine and made the experience more pleasurable.  While down in the basement my “AeroGarden” hums with life as plants germinate like  loveage, oregano and then to the permaculture garden. In the garage the tools, masks and garden gloves are organized for planting, pruning, weeding in buckets of sand and motor oil.

Clean jersey sheets and a soft spray of our personal perfume from the Zionsville Parfumerie prepared the bedroom for a decadent night sleep. How do you make the ordinary extraordinary using permaculture?

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