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Permaculture Transitions

Like a two year old tantrum, a transition is that awkward moment that requires one to pause or shrink back.  The permaculture that I have germinated is now ready for the outside and while the weather is correct and the soil temperature is at the minimum I still hesitate …

Hardening the plants under the cold frames to help the tenders endure the cool nights doesn’t make it any easier for me to commit to the change.  Fostering these plants from seed since February in the bowels of the basement during #SowSeedSunday until their moment in the sun.  Culling the excess and encouraging the genetically strong with grow lights, music and nutrient water day by day until this moment.  Honestly, I have put the transition off, like a moving day that is bound to come but you don’t want the pain of that item that is already pack or in the new place.  There is comfort in knowing the daily routine, maintaining the status quo…

Yet I must dig in for the permaculture to grow.  Get my hands ready to feel the earth, I must move past the fret, worry and pain to realize the promise of farm to market while at the same time risking the crop.

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