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What is slow cooking in your crockpot?

In this world in hurry up and go…. let’s take a pause to think without farms there is no food.

U-Relish Farm’s mission is to help families and individuals maximize their resources with the use of the slow cooker.  This is the platform of the case study to take the garden to market.

So stock that crockpot today to make supper simple then take the time to ponder and prioritize your approach to permaculture.

Gardeners as a whole are generous people. We share seeds, we share plants, we share advice. We share excess bounty, we trade, barter and we event invented the word gleaning.  The point is that you did not see Charles Dickens portraying Ebenezer Scrooge as a gardener – because he was stingy and gardeners are not stingy.

My hope through this blog is to discuss  an herbarium or a collection of plant specimens that are connected to our vision, mission and purpose of a sustainable backyard business.  Franchises of U-Relish Farm are available.

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