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Camp Glamp

Reconnect to the magic of the outdoors with all of the comfort and glamour of camping.  While not a proponent of sleeping in a hammock in the backyard, if you must sleep on the ground in a tent, then give yourself the gift of a low tech air conditioner. has a no sweat solution to help with your glamping naps, ciestas, and sweet dreams.

Ready to set forth with camp glamp, we open up our Outsunny Portable Folding Outdoor Camp Suitcase picnic table to set a hot from the crockpot or thermos the rice pudding that can be made ahead or on-site.  With a variety of  rice pudding flavors from U-Relish Farm including Coconut Honey, Raisin Cinnamon  and Cranberry Orange you are sure to please all of your happy campers.

The Coleman camp kitchen is easily transported and will be the perfect base for the crockpot with one of our chili’s for an afternoon walking taco or a campfire top of a chili dog.  Our all natural, one step meals are sure to transform camping into a more pleasurable glamping experience.

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