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Gearing up for my worst case scenario 

 With two bags and a insulated cup I brave my 3.5 mile journey.  This story is about preparing for my worst case scenario in the urban landscape for riot, radiation or an EMP attack where I would walk at night or bug out from Market.   So walk with me as I gear up an embark on the effort of prepping.

 Bag one contains all of the tactical gear to wear.  If I have to wear tactical clothing then I want it to start of dry and in the protection of a smart bag that compresses air to save space.  Dark camoflouge colors were easy to find at the Army Military supply store along with a weight belt tactical vest.



 The tactical vest has interior pockets as well as gear straps for the gear shown here.


As for the rest of the walk home at night gear it goes on my back in the second red backpack.

The ziploc bag contains a poncho or shelter tart along with stakes and solar blankets.  Boxed water in the first aid kit and sanitation or hygiene is in in the black tote.  I like to sleep at night and for me planning prevents panic. What did you do to prepare for your worst case scenario?  Two red bags and and insulated mug give me some peace of mind.  

3 thoughts on “Gearing up for my worst case scenario 

  1. Fresh water is the key to long term survival ….. All depends on the nature of the threat, if it’s direct combatants or viral or agent orange … We seem to have similar interests , good luck with your permie and prepper pursuits !


      1. none of, just plan to boil, or use transpiration from trees, we are from a heavily forested area in Australia, very low edible plants but lots of animals (kangaroo etc)

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