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Apothecara: Peppermint permaculture 

Growing permaculture means that the mint grows in the cracks and the edges of the urban landscape.  Five varieties flourish in their third season, thy include; mojito, chocolate, banana and wooly apple.  Pictured here is peppermint. 

I use a hod, pictured above so I can wash in the harvest outside.

Shaking off the excess water, I wilt upside down before preparing the permaculture for the dehydrator.

This batch will be use for a herbal home spa recipe by Greta Breedlove.  She suggest this hair rinse to restore the hair to a mild pH.

The tonic needs to steep with one cup water and one cup apple cider vinegar. In the steeping sachet is 2 Tablespoons Peppermint, 2 Tablespoons nettle, and 2Tablespoons Lemongrass.  Shake daily until one week has past.  This will yield 7 scalp treatments.  

Finding the fun in growing permaculture.

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