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shack and a heap

IMG_4558Say what?  I know, most people aren’t familiar – yet – with this term.  A mash-up of permanent and agriculture the term often leaves people feeling “meh”…farming – right?  Well, yes – and no.  A few years ago I studied permaculture in NYC with Andrew Faust and a cohort of 20 other people.  The course objective was to learn the design principles of permaculture and apply them to urban living.  Hard – not impossible – to get your farmer on when you might have only a window and some potted plants. But the beauty of permaculture is that it is a lovely design structure that elegantly solves problems in all areas of life – whether the transformation you desire is ecological, societal or personal.  If we look to be guided by nature in decision making we are steered properly.   Permaculture resolves challenges with no waste of resources, where all constituents win, where abundance exists because…

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