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Just one of those days: the reality of Permaculture

The capital of permaculture can be daunting. On this rainy day in Indiana, I am reading “Five Acres and independence” by author M.G. Kains and never have the numbers become so real that permaculture takes a lifetime of work and resources.

Drawn to cultivating a profitable enterprise, I have prepared for a long term investment to this endeavor and luck will govern the rest.  

The new currants and gooseberry planted will, yield in the fourth or fifth year.  

Another two years before, I can harvest the Asparagus, if I can handpick those beetles off and keep them under control. 


The new raspberry plants were mature canes and provide handfuls of sheer delight this year, but volume must increase over the next 3 years to bring this permaculture to market.

No doubts that this will be a lifetime of stewardship for I relish the farm and hope you do too.  


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