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Packing with Permaculture

Bugging out for the day?  Is your vehicle ready for what is to come…. SUMMER!  Think of your home as if you are preparing for a parade, swim at the lake, quick day trip to a municipal or state park. There are lots of adventures that are low cost. can help you plan your adventure.

Summer 008

Perhaps your getting for the unknown natural event a flood or toronado?  Your emergency supplies don’t have to look like an emergency, when you shift your supplies to a rustic picnic basket.  Now prepping can look like a picnic in the park.

IMG_3957Summer 011

There will be permaculture packed into that first aid kit  The Northern Hardy Hibiscus will make a rehydrating beverage to sip if stuck on the side of the road.  That picnic basket isn’t just for show, I like to go with permaculture in tow…

Yarrow, chamomile and sage go from farm to trunk and are road worthy.

Yarrow: Packing with Permaculture 004Packing with Permaculture 001

Here they grow at U-Relish Farm.


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