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Worst Case Senerio: Severe Flooding

The flash flooding of the last week have brought me to my knees.  A humbling journey that have tested my home emergency response plans to the brink of disaster.  I am recording these moments to help other with their flood preparedness.

Sand bagging for the storm

14 inches in the month of July to date have invaded the ground near the permaculture  creating a chasm between the urban asphalt and the mint patch.  45 sand bags (2,500 lbs) and 6 tarps are now the temporary solution until we can have the structural engineer recommend a curb to divert the water.

When it rains it pours… as we learned here are the must have tools to clean up after the storm:

Submersible pumps, screen mesh and multiple 100 foot garden hoses that evacuate out the vents of window.  Pumps do need electrical extension cords and do get hot and malfunction.  Have a cold bucket available to help the pumps cool off after 4 hours of service.

Storm 2015 Storm savers 002

Note that we are evacuating water out the window not the doors, because 1:00 a.m. will eventually come and you will want to secure your home while the pumps are in action.  The duct tape seals the window from pesky mosquitos buzzing around your body.

Storm savers 001

I abandoned the mop for towels as they absorbed more water and work in the mop bucket  more efficiently.  Note to self, have spare inexpensive towel available for these disaster, my bathroom towels are now unusable thanks to this storm.

Storm savers 003

Eventually the torrent will make the submersible pumps unusable and the shop vac will become your best friend.  Last but not least have bleach, boots and rain gear ready for your next unexpected flood event.   We never lost power during the flood but the generators only lasted 30 minutes.

No Power 001

What did we eat during this time of woe?  It was a batch of U-Relish Farm Coconut Honey Rice Pudding in the crockpot that gave us just the carbohydrates we needed for the emergency.

U-Relish Farm

My hope is that this post will help prepare you for the next life storm, may your pantry and larder be full.

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