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The future of frugal: permaculture

The scent of lavender lingers in the air and dances in my dreams.  Using Lavender from your backyard is the future of frugal.  Grown close to doorway, lavender is a pest deterrent and a natural mosquito repellent, my neighbor uses the herb to freshen her carpets, some use it in the bath tub, but my lavender goes into the new mix  Herbs de Provence white bean bruschetta a new flavor found at Historic Indianapolis City Market.

U-Relish Farm Lavender

Keep the kitchen cool fool 002

4 thoughts on “The future of frugal: permaculture

  1. I love lavender. Have honestly been dreaming of investing in a plant or two to put in the backyard. I can just imagine smelling it now on a cool evening breeze.


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