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Tailgating is a gateway to thoughtful prepping: 10 must haves

Getting ready for the big game or a natural disaster is on the top of my list.  I enjoy planned spontaneity, so in preparation for that tailgate here are my 10 items for the cookoff before the kickoff that can prepare your household for an emergency situation.

Got your 6

1.  A propane slow cooker to keep the soup or chili warm while off the grid  or in the parking lot.

2.  Two coolers:  one for cold items and one as “warming drawer”

(Note:  I use hot bricks with a foil liner to keep the cooler at a warm temperature)

3.  Hand washing station: Skip the sanitizer and stick with soap and warm water.  I prefer a soap with a natural deet repellent like Lavender.  Made from your backyard permaculture.

4.  Hot beverage dispenser:  This can be as simple as water that can be heated from your car with an induction kettle or you can embrace the outdoors with an antihistamine tea like nettle or chamomile also found in your backyard permaculture.

5.  Folding tables:  So many options here but I prefer an aluminum folding table for its lightness and compact size. A handle is an extra bonus, but a self containing unit is a must, bags break are not easily dried.

Summer 010

6.  The Fly:  Skip the tent and bring a tarp for the ground and tape or stake to the ground, you can always but it over your head and use as shelter for extreme weather events.

7.  Weights:  They can be decorative, but they have to be practical.  I use a bucket filled with concrete with a loop embedded into the center.  Don’t forget that you need to secure items so give yourself a variety of options

8.  Stock a hanging case with all your must haves for the big game in the parking lot. This kit should include cord, bungee and zip ties in addition to all the utensils for cooking outdoors.  Don’t forget the matches and some natural remedy for insect bites like honey, aloe or baking soda to soothe bites and irritations.

Tussie MussieTailgate 008

9.  A bandana seems trivial but can serve as a mask or hold ice in an emergency situation

The Contessa of the Crockpot

10  the UrBIN Travel Kit or the ready for anything neatly tucked away in a repurpose beverage cooler for those cold or hot emergencies (See earlier blogs for complete kit list that are seasonably appropriate.

UrBIN Summer Kit 009 UrBin kit for winter

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