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Tailgating with a crockpot: There is just more “thyme”

Overwhelmed by the back to school blurr, when you would rather get your looks ready for the tailgating season? Loveage and thyme from the permaculture patch add savory flavor to your fall tailgate.

Lovage and Thyme 003 Lovage and Thyme 001

Seek out one step meals, so that you can find more time to sew, bedazzle and apply low cost iron decals for frugal fashion. Here are tips for a custom tailgate that will not break the bank while letting your spirit shine for your favorite team.

Stay in one color palette; this will keep your fashion fresh while making getting ready for the big game a snap.

Bedazzle your scarf to add a layer sparkle to the party. Your bean dip is hot so why not your neckline.

Game Day looks 018


Cooking outdoors can be a chore, adapt a hair band to support your favorite team with a no sew head band or ribbon.

Game Day looks 015

While the crockpot gurgles that game day meal you have time to take your favorite sweatshirt to the next level with a retro patch, display your team loyalty.

Game Day looks 016

Getting ready for the grid iron?  This decal applied with a piece of cloth and a standard iron make a personalized jersey a frugal fit for your tailgate.  Affixed to your elbows, knees or collar of the neck for a low cost but big effect for the cook-off before kickoff.

Football Elbow Patches

U-Relish Farm is dedicated to helping families and individuals maximize their resources with the use of the slow cooker.  These all natural, one step meals are the solution to that pre-game rush and a perfect addition to any tailgate.

The Contessa of the Crockpot


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