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The Canning of permaculture

Call me old school…  For seven hours, while demonstrating the skills of canning, I was asked why I would spend my time canning.  What was I doing … out of my stand in City Market to stir, simmer and boil the water bath canner.

Canning permaculture

The answer is …  permaculture needed my time today to exercise the skill of preservation.


This was my partner in our fete or “heads together” canning marathon in the Clark’s Demonstration Kitchen at the City Market.  Three orchards are represented in the crop and the white peaches to the far right are from U-Relish Farm.  Our peaches are organic… so they are small and freckled, some have to be thrown away because they have bugs.

But they are free and there is nothing more frugal then your own applesauce or peach jam.

Applesauce Canning

We taught today about tools… like these

Tools of Canning

There was always a visitor or a guest that would ask good questions and maybe improve a old knowledge skill.  To make use of the permaculture is a valuable assets when one wishes to be frugal.  I learned that the notches on the Canning pot are measurements for the size of jar and indicate the water fill level.

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