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FEAST UR EYES: Chalkwalk at Indianapolis City Market

Feast UR Eyes Chalk Art Event

Street art has gained in popularity and legitimacy over the past several years, and Indianapolis City Market is set to celebrate the art form with “Feast UR Eyes,” a chalk art event on Friday, September 4 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on City Market’s east plaza and Wabash Street directly behind the City Market campus. The event occurs in conjunction and support of the Arts Council of Indianapolis’s annual “Start With Art” luncheon.

Professional and student artists are invited to meet at City Market at 9 a.m. for breakfast provided by U-Relish Farm and an overview of artistic guidelines. Artists will be provided five white and five black chalk pieces, and will have the opportunity to choose one additional color to create their food-themed works of chalk art. The artists will have from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. to create their masterpieces, after which the public is invited to participate in a “chalk walk” to view all of the artworks.

The event is sponsored by U-Relish Farm, Sideshow Odditorium and Strumento art supplies store. Musical entertainment and prizes round out the day’s events.

Artists are encouraged to pre-register for the event by emailing Stevi Stoesz at The event is free and open to the public.

All participating artists will automatically be registered to win a variety of great raffle prizes upon entry.

Guidelines & Rules for Chalk Artists 

  • All artists must be registered to chalk.
  • Art square spaces will be assigned at registration.
  • Art square preference will be given to pre-registered artists.
  • Artists should be finished by 1 p.m.
  • All Artists may register additional chalk art for a fee.
  • Feast UR Eyes chalk art event volunteers will be around to assist you. Do not hesitate to ask for chalk, water, etc.


  • Five pieces of white chalk, five pieces of black chalk and ONE additional color of artist’s choosing will be provided to registered Artists.
  • Additional chalk will be available at the registration area for a fee, please ask the volunteers.
  • If you need additional colors, you may share or exchange chalk with other artists.
  • You may also purchase or use your own chalk but it must be water-based.
  • We ask that you return unused chalk to the Artist Check-in.
  • Only chalk can be used for drawings. No paint, crayon, ink or other non-washable or permanent products. No fixatives may be used on the chalk drawings.






  • Chalk art only to be produced in designated and assigned areas.
  • The art created must be suitable for public and family viewing (no nude or lewd work). No words or symbols intended as political statements may appear within the art.
  • Feast UR Eyes Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse, stop or eliminate objectionable material. The committee’s opinion will be final. If artists have questions about their art, it is recommended that artists produce a paper copy of their art for approval prior to the event.
  • Please respect the other artists who are working near you. Do not walk on their works or have open beverage containers which could spill and destroy someone’s artwork.
  • Please try to keep your supplies to a minimum and well contained by your space.
  • The event will go on rain or shine. The artists are responsible for protecting their chalk art. Plastic drapes, tape, tents or canopies can be used as needed.
  • Indianapolis City Market (ICM) will use photographs and video to record the event, artist designs and artists.
  • No boom boxes allowed. You may wear portable headsets.
  • No pets, please!
  • Your chalk art must only include chalk. Any non chalk props or items will exclude art from judging.
  • Feast UR Eyes is a tobacco free event. Artists using tobacco will be excluded from judging.







The following tips are suggestions to help you:

Selecting Your Image

  • If reproducing an image originally created by another artist (living or deceased), it is important to credit the original artist and the title at the base of your painting or on a 3X 5 card.
  • Make color photocopy of the artwork or bring the photo. Make several copies if more than one artist (team or family) will be working on the piece.
  • If you want your proportions to be correct, you might consider drawing a grid over the photocopies using a ruler and thin marker. You can lay out a corresponding grid on the sidewalk. An example is half-inch squares on the picture to 6 inch squares on the sidewalk. Mount photocopies on cardboard to make them easier to work with. A carpenter’s chalk line is ideal for this.

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