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Chalkwalk 029

At the Historic Indianapolis City Market we START with Art in celebration with the Arts Council of Indianapolis with a LIVE CHALKWALK sponsored by U-Relish Farm, Chris Tower of Ivy Tech, and Sideshow Art and Odditorium.

Now meet our artists:

Stephanie Cifluentes

“I am not trying to say anything, I just like ice cream!”

This was a class field trip, fun

Chalkwalk 059

Micalya Harvey

“I like cookies” and I consider home to be in Fishers.  Often inspired before bed time to be creative.

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 013

Clay Cox

My home is in Brownsburg and I am inspired when everyone else is asleep and no one can critique you.  This event is to help us develop as artists.

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 005

Darnell Beard

My brand is to have fun and I am more creative when I am happy.  Home is on 47th street.

Antianna Jerrell

Considers home to be on the Westside.  “Nature has to come from something”

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 011

Ashley Chew

It is a nice break to have a class outdoors.  “I am expressing my sense of summer.

Chalkwalk 069


Kari Boone

“We are trying ton convey different season and things that are available in Indiana.  I consider home to be on the Northside where I was inspired by Heather during High School.

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 010

Hailee Herin

“Love the Earth.”  The morning is my most creative time, I like to be up early.”

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 009


I love art and the chance to network and It is cool to do local things.  Art is for everybody  and it is about anything.

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 012

Stephanie Robertson

I like community involvement and projects.  I consider home in Irvington

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 008

Angel Black

Every good morning starts with a doughnut. Home is in Lebanon

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 004

Kate Cole

Eve, apple, Tree of life.  I am taking a new play on it.  Giest is my home

Chalkwalk Feast UR Eyes 007

Marie Behringer

I have never done chalk art before and I thought it would be a fun thing to do.  My home is in Broad Ripple

Chalkwalk 030

Author’s Notes:  All images were produced today to celebrate #StartwithArt in Indianapolis.  The artist’s profile may not all be directly connected with the image files.

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