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Habits of a Frugal Pantry

Here are some core principals to save money and create habits of that will save money while stocking your pantry.

  1. Grow your herbs: Thyme and heirloom savory providing a bounty of fresh flavor all year long.  It is an essential in the permaculture patch or home kitchen garden

Grow your herbs

2.  Learn how to can and then “conserve” your harvest  in small batches Can in small batches

Grow your own tea

3.  Start a mint patch and harvest your own tea.  Mint comes in a variety of flavors including banana, apple, mojito, spearmint and my favorite Chocolate.  Easily adapts to container gardening or permaculture growing.

Dry your own fruit

4.  Dry your own fruit for your pantry.  Apples, currants, strawberries all can be dehydrated and then consumed all season long.

5.  For the days that are busy and add some more “thyme” to your life with U-Relish Farm Pantry Basics at less then 2 cents a calorie these all natural meals help your waistline and your wallet.

A pantry staple

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