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The Frolic of the Bicentennial Bazaar

“It is determined to make the “2016 Bicentennial” anniversary mean as much in the extreme corner of the Pocket as in the Capital itself.”

The Bicentennial Bazaar shall be threefold in its significance;  historical in the knowledge and appreciation of the history of the commonwealth; educational, in the knowledge of our State and its institutions, present as well as past; patriotic in a new admiration and love for the Indiana agriculture that is and may be …

The Anniversary is an occasion for taking stock of our history, local as well as State and of paying due tribute to the builders of the Commonwealth.  It is with patriotic service that U-Relish Farm hosts the growers, producers and artisan makers for an agriculture pageant to be documented both pictorially and with narrative for the Indiana State Archives.

A pageant or spectacle, of general nature, is a moving picture of Indiana.  The Jubilee of life in the Great State of Indiana.

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