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Cara fully prepare: Winterizing the Bug out Box/Bag

The descending temperatures  got me in the mood for a gear review and a seasonal swap of the Bug out bag.  This is my opportunity to inventory, wash clothing and restock of your by winterizing the clothing of the bug out bag for all family members.  Shake out the sleeping bags, darning the socks, gets us ready for the unknown while bringing peace of mind to my soul.


I have chosen a rolling black  tactical trunk to store the gear and it includes; a folding stool,  one person camp stand, an empty insulated food bag, a led lantern, a car light, and sanitation towelettes.  This year I am adding a iodine radiation kit

Electrically, I am including duct tape, a traveling extension cord, a power inverter, electrical tape and clamps.

Repellent seems like a summer item but I leave it in my tactical box as a security measure.  I keep items like wasp spray, homemade skin salve made from calendula and comfrey as well as an antihistamine from nettle and chamomile.

A tactical box has tools like mallets, tent stakes, hammer, screwdrivers, bungee cords, folding shovel and a laundry cord.  I also include a poncho and compass in the trunk.

FIRST AID begins with a good night sleep so an ear plug and so sleeping masks are a must just like the folding sleeping cot, thema rest and an excellent sleeping bag.

A hand washing station which include a bowl, soap, water container with a nail brush keep life clean in emergency situations. If not a box of powder free gloves are easy to acquire.


I store a collapsible bucket, a camp shower, a hydration backpack and an insulated thermos in addition to a gravity filter for water usage.

A communications system is also helpful in a tactical trunk


This is a rolling duffle bag and contains more personalized items for each family member. A water proof blanket seems like comfort during a soggy situation.  Hats were missing in my bag as well as gloves and in one case socks.

Each of our bug out bags has a dry box with a built in compass that contains   Individually wrapped dust masks and face wash towelettes.

There are empty bags that can serve as a container for wet clothes, or  Mesh Bag for drying wet cloths, and Nylon Bag to separate wet clothes from dry clothes.

A lockable sanitation dry box is in the bug out bag and it includes personal items like; a saline nose wash,  individual towelettes, soap, a quick drying towel, clippers, scissors and tweezers, floss, spare shoe strings, and a bandana.

The fold over dry bag contains clothing that is seasonally appropriate.



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