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Something old, something new and we are adding more permaculture too.  Join us, U-Relish Farm as we begin planning for Sow Seed Sunday or a 12 week indoor growing season preparing us for the growing season.

We are planning to introducing more permaculture to the property including; Elderberry, Welsh Onions and perpetual leeks.   While the Calendula might self seed, to increase quantities of permaculture we begin our germination cycle on Sunday February 6th.

Sow Seed Sunday 005


Lovage for February 14th

Celery is on deck for February 28th

Nasturtium for March 6th

Chamomile for March 13th

Peas on Saint Patrick’s Day March 17th are a direct sow then shield with hoops

Asian Greens are my new crops on March 27th

Endive is another new crop for March 27th

Leeks will be sown on April 10th

Banana Peppers  on April 17th

Hot Peppers on April 24th

Dill on May 1st

Sunflowers on May 8th

Lovage and Thyme 003


“Loveage” the way we intermix permaculture with an annual crop.  Now that you have your calendar let organize the organic seed to maximize our results.  First I place all inactive seeds in glass jars and I store them in a 40 degree refrigerator.

Seed Safe 003

I also number the jars for the Sow Seed Sunday hydroponic germination plan so that the calendar becomes just a reference tool.  This article honors Slow Food Indy.

Snail of Approval 004


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