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Summer at the pool:Frump Free Frugal Fashion over Forty

Planning for Wardrobe Time Capsule: Summer 2016

More than ever this summer will be active with wash and wear clothing will be a top priority.  So… what clothing will keep me poolside chic without ironing.


The Kaftan is loose fitting for hot summer days and yet a simple cover up for poolside lounging  These are polyester for my wash and wear summer.  The unembellished the shorter version picture on the left suits me on the right with a gauze palazzo pant, more than the longer version “dress” on the right.

Frump free Fashion 001

I plan to romp around town while staying true to my color grouping Navy blue as a neutral and coral as my secondary color.  This is not a skort or a short so it could be paired with a legging and a simple sandal.

Frump free Fashion 002

Cool evening will turn to hot humid nights and my preparations are a light linen sheath that can also can be work with a crop pant or board short.  Staying true to my colors has made it easier to focus when adding pieces to the Summer Wardrobe capsule.

What are your plans to stay fashion forward and frump free?






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