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Indiana State Archives: Bicentennial Bazaar Narrative

In 2016 the Historic City Market received the endorsement as an Official Legacy Project of the Indiana Bicentennial Commission, this is the narrative that will be submitted to the Indiana State Archives acknowledging all the participants of this project.

The Bicentennial Bazaar was threefold in its significance;  historical in the knowledge and appreciation of the history of the commonwealth; educational, in the knowledge of our State and its institutions, present as well as past; patriotic in a new admiration and love for the Indiana agriculture that is and may be …

My thanks  Executive Director of City Market Stevi Stoesz Kersh, to Sideshow Odditorium, 240 Sweets, Say Cheese, Circle City Soups, Circle City Sweets,  Spice Box Indy,  Thunderbird and Brad Gates Catering as represented by the Pantry for their support of the Bicentennial Bazaar.  Katlin Bragg is still my favorite Bicentennial Butternut and deserves a special recognition.

The Bicentennial Bazaar was a reoccurring event held on Saturday’s between January 2nd and April 2nd from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The Anniversary is an occasion for taking stock of our history, local as well as State and of paying due tribute to the builders of the Commonwealth.  It is with patriotic service that U-Relish Farm hosts the growers, producers and artisan makers for an agriculture pageant to be documented both pictorially and with narrative for the Indiana State Archives.


Growers, producers and artisans will recreate the time honored tradition of the Historic Market Hall with an honest to goodness winter farmer’s market with the following vendors;

Aahaa Chai

Bluffwood creek Honey

Fruit Loop Acres

Grabow Farms and Orchard

Gram’s Jams,

Homestead Heritage Farm

Nacho Mamas,

RDC Farm

Red Wine Farm

Super Microgreens

4 Paws Only

U-Relish Farm 


As a result of the Bicentennial Bazaar two maps were development to promote US 40 Agritourism and document Indiana’s Farm Food on the old National Road: Offering Hoosiers an Honest to Goodness Road Trip.

The National Road went through Richmond, Indiana through Indianapolis and on to Terre Haute.  Indiana was now connected to states in the East and West.

It reported to the senate that a road was feasible and would “…. make the crooked ways straight, and the rough ways smooth, …. will, in effect, remove the intervening mountains; and, by facilitating the intercourse of our western brethren with those on the Atlantic, substantially unite them in interest…. .” The road, they said, would be the “cement of the union.”

The following vendors have affirmed their intentions to celebrate agricultural history of the bicentennial to a

January 9th  Chef Alexa Lemley and Chef Sam Aulick

January 23rd  Chef Shanna Bilskie and Chef Andrea Smith

January 30th  Chef Cindy Hawkins

February 6th  Crockpot Cook Cara Dafforn

February 20th  Chef Tyler Wald and Chef Nitin Naidu

March 5th  Chef Andrew Whitmoyer

March 12th  Chef Roger Hawkins

March 19th  Chef Brad Gates

March 26th  Jeanie Watson of Trail Hobo

April 2nd  Chef Regina Melijack


U-Relish Farm • Main Market House • 222 East Market Street, Indianapolis, IN •46204 • @CaraDafforn •

Another Project of Eel River Marketing

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