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Cara fully prepare: The Skill of Packing

My approach to prepping is to be life ready.  So it seemed natural to create traveling kitchen or otherwise know as the Chuck Box here in the Midwest.  A chuck box was a traveling tool box of a road cook and was stocked with the essentials of a kitchen.  With a modern spin, rolling compartmental storage was a perfect choice for outdoor food preparation.

Chuck box 003

I am  Safe Serv certified and have managed a commissary for 6 years at the Indianapolis City Market. Often I am asked to participate in outdoor Farmer’s Markets requiring tools that travel.  So as the Executive Manager of U-Relish Farm I choose to document my chuckbox.  Mobility is essential when creating bug out solutions.  In this case, the compartments helped the packing process and provided organization that a tub can not offer.

Chuck box 007


The depth of offered by the base of the Chuck Box fits a full box of Jif- Foil which is precut and ready for cooking on an open fire. When packing we need to label and list and important skill of any prepper.  When building your chuck box separate tools that handle food (AKA measuring spoons) from those that help manage the fire (AKA Mallet).

Got your 6

A well packed chuck box had got your back during road trips and for emergency preparations.    Now to fill those small bins … Do you have any ideas?

Chuck box 006

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