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Cara fully prepare: Listing the Mobile Kitchen

With a knack for the details, this is a inventory for the purposes of listing the components necessary in the skill of packing a mobile kitchen.  Glamping, Tailgating are gateways to preparing you and your family for emergency situations.  Preparation in advance prevents panic.

Top Shelf: Tools that handle raw food

  1. Tongs (Long and short)
  2. Can Opener
  3. Measuring Spoons
  4. Spatula
  5. Multipurpose Scissors: Doubles as bottle opener
  6. Pronged Fork
  7. Ladle with Pour spigot

Chuckwagon levels 005Mobile Kitchen 2 003

Interior of Top Tier

  1. Aluminum Mess kit: Cup, Cookpot, 2 plates
  2. Insulated Two Mug System
  3. Thermos with Cup
  4. Bowl with lid enclosed with a Tea or Coffee Strainer
  5. 2 Cutting Board (Ideally this would be top shelf)
  6. Measuring Cup (Ideally this would be top shelf)
  7. Round Jar with 4 Seasonings
  8. Table Clips/ Table Cloth

Chuckwagon levels 004

Mobile Kitchen 2 001

Level One of Lower Packing Tier

Chuckwagon levels 001

Level Two of Lower Packing Tier

  1. Fire Mitt to the elbow
  2. Folding Hack Saw
  3. Gerber Knife
  4. Tent Mallet
  5. Tent Stakes
  6. S Hook
  7. Dust pan and small broom
  8. Ground Canvas


Level 3 of Lower Packing Tier

  1. Hammer/Wrench
  2. Sandwich bags
  3. Trash Bags
  4. Hand Wipes
  5. Steel Wool
  6. Cast Iron Lid Lifter

Level 4 The Yellow Mid Section

  1. Paracord Crowbar
  2. Flint and Steel
  3. Lighter
  4. Flashlight
  5. Peeler/Corer
  6. Utensils
  7. Tweezer
  8. Clipper
  9. Pen



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