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Stadium Lessons and zipper pockets

When 100,000 people converge in one location, the solution is no bag just some pants with zipper pockets.  I wore all the wrong clothing in the Big House during the game at the University of Michigan stadium.

A plunging neckline and a wide brim hat, I had consider posting a picture but then squashed that idea.  The rain paints had zipper pockets and protected the wet stained bleachers from soaking through the cotton.  The zipper pockets were a life saver during the “no purse” rule announce over the speaker.  While I didn’t buy a Jersy during the Chelsea / Real Madrid game, I did invest in shorts with zipper pockets.  Skip the flips flops ladies and where sturdy shoes the 40 minute standing up commute was a real eye opener.  Take wet wipes rather than makeup because you will not glow in the hot summer months you will sweat in the stadium.  These are my lessons.


Post Script:  Since this experience I have been on a search for women’s tactical pants with multiple zipper pockets.  LL Bean did not disappoint, they had two options a snow pant and a lighter pant for fall and spring.

When you can not find many tactical pants a lady gets a skort with zipper pockets also available through LL. Bean.

Tatical Skort 001.JPG

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