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Cara fully prepare: Beans and Band aids

I make it a habit to be prepared with gauze, swabs and surgical dressing.  I make herbal infusions, tinctures and salves using our agricultural commodities from U-Relish Farm.  My favorite item is the mason jar of salve with Arnica petal, clove and calendula petals.  This smooth balm saturates the skin with olive oil and protects with Bees Wax. The Neighborhood hive was lost so I was the beneficiary of the wax.


Gloves, Alcohol towel, and sterile wound coverings round out the medical tactical box. The box is a 8 bin wide box “tool kit” from Harbor Freight.  I also choose a Stanley because of the sturdy handle and thick exterior.


Single use super glue and liquid skin , locking clamp scissors, picks and tweezers.  I have included razors and a self contained dispensary.  As I explore a portable method to use medical supplies in a more casual environment like glamping, tailgating or a family gatherings, I found this mesh bag


6 compartments is perfect grab and go situations.  It works well with a magnetic towel rod for the laundry room or garage.








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