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Apothecara: Sage Salve

Apothecara: Laundry Room Wildcrafting

A step by step on how to use the crockpot for a non edible but topical balm for your skin.  Below is a checklist of materials to maximize your money with the use of the slow cooker.

You got this gear, now get the laundry room ready for some wildcrafting.

A crockpot dedicated to non edible usages:  3 quart or larger is best

Peeler dedicated to non edible usages

Ladle dedicated to non edible usages

Olive Oil


Arnica Petal



Infuse the olive oil overnight on the low setting with Sage, Arnica petal, and clove. A simple linen bag or cheesecloth bundle will hold the herbs so you don’t have to strain the product.


Shave Beeswax into the hot oil, allow to cool and then transfer into containers.  An essential oil can add and aroma if necessary.

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