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Apres Ski: The Bunny Slope Edition of Frumpy Free Frugal Fashion over Forty

In my effort to add more tactical pants to my wardrobe, I have discovered the fashion of Apres Ski.  Sweaters, faux fur and feather snowflakes are the star of the show. Staying in a budget of $30 for this frugal yet fashionable look.


The persimmons say there will be snow to shovel and I want to be prepared for travel on foot.  No one is going to the slopes or sledding down a hill, but this gear is practical for a snow storm in the Midwest.  A snow storm that would require  me to push snow, scrape ice and shovel.

Note my disclosure if you are under forty you might find this fashion not interesting or perhaps even boring.  Just try to recognize that a zipper pocket eliminates a purse or the cumbersome burden upon ones neck when walking over urban tundra.


Draw strings, sturdy zipper pockets and cargo button pants are essential to a tactical pant.  Brands like LL Bean, cabelas, and eddie baurer have options for women but they needed to be hemmed with my petite stature.

Finding a balance with color and texture make the tactical pant fashionable for winter.  Cable knits add texture and charm, I refreshed my winter wardrobe with this new ivory turtleneck.


The neutrals of winter white work well with the signature yellow acquired this fall and the hot pink reminds me of the Apres Ski life even if just in my day dreams. Layers upon layers for this winter 2016 wardrobe time capsule.


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