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Cara fully Prepare: Pull along Sanitation

Falling back on time makes me feel inside out.  Feeling distraught moves me to action with a Cara fully prepared pull along for outdoor sanitation.  Prepacking for that tailgate, potluck or family reunion is essential for the Big game in the parking lot.


I choose the Stanley lower bin tool box because of the quality of the wheels and extended handles.


The lower bin allows for an over sized hand sanitizer and a full roll of paper towels.  There is enough room in this lower bin for two nestled buckets and a full size bottle of Stain remover.


The upper box has a tray and plenty of space for a box of foil and extra sponges, scrubbers and brillo pads.  My favorite item in the pull along Sanitation is the woodsman pennyroyal soap made by Earth Drop Soaps.


Add some basics to the tray: toothbrush, wet wipes, tissues, chapstick and stain sticks.  A variety of lighting devices including lighters and matches.  These rolling kits make life on the go a little more prepared.




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