A Frugal and Fun Taekwondo Christmas

This season is different, still magical but in a new way.  The martial arts have become a daily practice and a way of life.   The opportunity cost of this choice is to tighten the belt on Christmas.  Video with walk thru forms instead of a fresh pine tree as an example.  Utilizing the Iron Fan rather than buying a new set of lights.


Swapping garland for a dollar store pagoda tree ($4.00) and a repurpose framed and last years mushroom legend ornament grace my mantle.  The Lenox swan was an antique  store purchase($12.00) with my mother in August and reminds me of her elegance during the season of light.  My holiday robe is now adorn with remnants of silk cherry blossoms ($1.00) stitching together the evenings of training and the dim lit evenings by the fire.  The reuse of my white belt is practical and reminds me of this physical journey.

To celebrate the way of the hand and the foot, taekwondo has be integrated into our holiday.  Oars, long staffs and Kung Fu forms are filling our season with positive chi rather then then an artificial tree. Wishing you the best with the season



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