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The Frugal: After Christmas

The stovetop potpourri made of orange, cranberry and clove lingers in the air and is a simple reminder that frugal can be made at home, rather then being lured with Christmas Clearance shopping.    Changing habit of after Christmas shopping is no longer a tradition at my house.

So, here is my story of the moon room….

Instead of my traditional, rush to the clearance racks, I refocused my energy on a redux of the master bedroom with the theme of “Love you to the moon and back”.  This non-sew project required a looting of my fabric stash, old embroidery hoops, metal wire, and a canvas splatter with left over paint.


First Frugal Lesson:  Craft with your stash.

I use and silk dress that is now to big, scraps of a tablecloth and some light blue wool to complete this original work of art.  Cast off clothing can be refashioned into art with a little creativity.

As I packed away the twinkle of Christmas I grouped the wood pine for a year round dresser display.

Second Frugal Lesson:  Use seasonal decorations everyday.

The print is by Dorothy Alig, purchased many moons ago, and works well with the bella luna theme of this room.

Third Frugal Lesson:  This project required no expenditures while getting the impact of a fresh new “space”.

My Christmas cash is still in my pocket is your?







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