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Sorting the Seeds of Sunday

Garlic is in the ground as I begin to plan for the 2017 farming.

Garlic Rows 001.JPG

Collecting seed from last years harvest, purchasing some new like Feverfew seeds all in anticipation of the first direct sow of snow peas on Saint Patrick’s Day or March 17th.


I collect seeds like playing cards with the common theme in mind (Heirloom, organic and perennial.)  After 10 years of growing permaculture adding annuals indoors is a refreshing and give me a countdown for the upcoming spring season.

This plan has two phases:  An 11 week Hydroponic germination schedule and a direct sow beginning on March 17th, 2017.    Follow our progress on Twitter  #SowSeedSunday


I physically sort the seeds into mason jar labeled by the week of germination making #SowSeedSunday simple.  This allows me to review the quantity and replenish with 3 weeks before our first plant is on deck.



I store seed in jars in cardboard and in a refrigerator.  I want the seed cold but not damp.


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