Frugal · Habits

The Wash and Dry of Frugal

Looking for keepers of the hearth that are seeking “sole” mates for frugal habits around the Laundry Room.  Individual who would rather not have the laundry “pinned” on, but seeking cost saving ways one load at a time.  Here are some tips

Tip 1:  Have a place for lost socks

Tip 2:  Drip Dry your delicates

Tip 3:  Keep the change or give yourself a roll of quarter for your savings as a reward.

Tip 4:  Cut the dryer sheet in half

Tip 5:  Make your own laundry detergent

Tip 6:  Use white vinegar for towels and exercise clothing

Tip 7:  Wash a load a day to keep the chaos away







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