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Mid Winter: Frump Free Fashion over Forty

In my attempt to find designers who make pockets for women’s apparel.  Ladies over forty, I give you the one pocket sheath dress by “Hope and Honey”.  Disclaimer:  If you are not over forty then the value of a pocket might not be so apparent to you.  A lady would have a kerchief for the tears of joy during an upcoming spring day.

Inspired by the germination season, I bring out of the closet  the lime green mid calf boots and buy a new $4.00 yellow umbrella.  We are only mid winter in Indiana and we will still have many day to wear scarves and sweaters.

Determined to find the new pantone color in the mix of a drab gray world.  Neutral navy replaced with royal blue for a contrast with the lime green of a hopeful early spring.  A pant with a side button becomes slimming for those over forty.



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