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Cara Fully prepared: Between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.

There is a frost alert and potential freeze coming to our #tinyurbanfarm.  This requires more time away from City Market so I can grow food for you.


We are also in phase two of the #SowSeedSunday Hydroponic growing cycle and that means from water to soil peat pots and more space before we begin real work of transferring to outside and the hardening process.  These are tender plants and need to be transfer so choose your containers “Cara fully”.


Growing 002

I choose a folding container with handles this year.  The plants are the edible Sweet Pea Tomatoes that are ideal for hanging baskets.

Phase 2 Hydroponics 002

I use the two aerogarden units and have over propagated and now am above goal at 108 new plants with the direct sow beginning on Saint Patrick’s Day, Friday March 17th.



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