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Cara fully prepared: A Taekwondo Easter

Preparing for some charity work on Easter Sunday.  We are also preparing for Master Thero’s Black Belt Club and Kung Fu Seminar on Good Friday and the following Saturday Seminar at Level 10 martials arts.

Purple Belt 001

During the Lenten Season, I have trained and been promoted to purple belt.  My discipline has been to add Dr. Sang Kim’s flexibility over forty training program. The physical discipline required demands the mental attention of my mind and has woven its way into my celebration of Easter.


There is less candy and more flowers this holiday.  More candles then cake, because I hunger for proteins and complex carbohydrates.  During the feast there will be  The U-Relish Farm supper in a sack called Good Friday

available at  and the Indianapolis City Market.

Good Friday and Pot Pie 002

Most of my beverages have a spoonful of honey and vinegar is being used to rehydrate.  I prefer a Tisane or Herbal Infusion.




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