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Knee high socks: Frump Free Fashion over forty

Darn, I am not going to spend any time mending socks today!  So instead, of leaving the house I shopped on line for knee high socks.  This frugal update cost $50.00 and added neutral navy and spring time green knee high sock for my feet.  Half of my expenditure was on Foot Logix a mousse to prepare those dry heels for poolside afternoons.

Wishing for sunshine 001

So as we countdown the days to more sunshine and pooltime,  I spent my day thinking about the socks and shoes I wear in the puddles of early spring.  Disclaimer: If you are over forty you will consider the thickness and compression of the sock during the rainy months of spring.

Macy Casual Spring 003

A pair of boots a trench coat, a spring hat and a gardening hot are all of the tools for the April Showers of fashion.


If you don’t have your season umbrella there are lots of options in the dollar store marketplace.  Umbrella’s get lost and broken, it has never made good sense to spend more than $8.00 on this seasonal accessory.  It is still cold and often wet in Indiana during April, so the layered cardigan is perfect for a early mornings.







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