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Cara fully: Hardening the Garden

Blankets, cover houses and used sun visors are all implement to keep the frost at bay when growing in the early spring of Indiana.  While we are beyond the hard freeze, a frost is looming which means the plants go inside and outside on the tiny urban farm.

Hardening the Garden 003

I don’t take many risks with these tender crops, because it has taken 12 weeks of nurturing from seed to get to this point.  I choose gray days to harden the plants as I do not want sunburn.  I choose days above 45 degrees with or without chances of rain.

It takes three gallons of water a day to keep the soil moist and the crops growing.  I must admit that I am bothered by thinning.  I just seems to me that if the plant sprouted from seed…  Nature verses Nuture.

How does your garden grow this spring?  Learn more about our #SowSeedSunday project @U-Relish Farm on Facebook or @CaraDafforn on Twitter.


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