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Cara Fully Prepared: Direct Sow Phase 3

With a 4 foot table, 2 aerogardens, 5 collapsible trays… we are over goal of 100 new plants.  At U-Relish Farm we are committed to growing food not lawns while prorogating permaculture. Our #SowSeedSunday program is 12 weeks of cultivating a healthier community through local food production in Indianapolis.

Hardening the Garden 004

Two cover frames, a raised bed blanket, sun visor and foot stakes help through the phase two when we harden the plants and trudge them from inside to outside.  New plants can be sun burnt, wind burnt, or struck by hail.  Have a retreat plan in place like a covered porch or back into an indoor environment for safe keeping on a frosty night.

We like a good Porch Party in Indianapolis so there is always room on the front stoop for more plants when a hail storm is approaching.

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