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Cara Fully prepared Pull Along: Lessons from a Airplane Steward

Brick and mortar stores get my discretionary dollar.  Do your research on line, under stand the cost of product and comparison shop for features, but shop the stores, because you might just get a life lesson.   This shopping excursion was more cost effective because I got so much more for my dollar,  all because I knew the value on line and with a goal in mind.  Frugal at the core…  a focus on quality and cost.

Had I not gone shopping today in a brick and mortar store, with a plan to create a pull along makeup or face kit, it would have thwarted the lesson I was given by the Transcontinental Airplane Steward.  Here was her advice:

1.  The smaller the luggage the better… Less is more.

The Airplane Steward then approved of my selection of the Lucas Luggage

Pull along Makeup 007

2.  Small, flat and see through are best when packing. Skip with packing clothing in space savers and focus smaller internal luggage bags on snacks and cosmetics.

Pull Along Makeup 001

3.  Drink Hydrolized water she said…. make sure it is a refillable container and keep it in the size pocket with the mesh liner.  The front pocket is for Passports and travel papers.

Pull Along Makeup 003

4.  Use a jewelry roll inside your luggage.

Pull Along Makeup 002

5. Keep the bright cheerful colors inside your bag and then the Stewardess pick out the apple, lemon and orange and with a smile said these would be perfect.  The produce selection was perfect for my occupation as a grocery.  As if the stars had aligned to help with my intention to be perfectly prepared for spontaneous situations, glamping or transcontinental travel.

Pull along Makeup 005The expandable handle makes this a 16 inch piece for pulling along necessities.


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