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Cara Fully Preparing: Frump free fashion over Forty #500FashionFridays

A cautionary note that in Indianapolis we porch party in the Merry month of May when we shift into high speed even over the age of forty.  Disclaimer: #500FashionFridays is trending.   Finding a tire tread pattern or themes with the circle city drove my design aesthetic.

Still searching for my green flag inspired look.  Plenty of time, before the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500.  My budget was $75.00 and I purchased the new Anne Klein Gingham raincoat, two pairs of Zac and Rachel which I hemmed at home to fit my petite stature.

Checkered flag wardrobe 002

Because I refuse to wear capris, these pants are hemmed to the arch of my ankle and perfect with a fancy pair of glass beaded Race Day shoes.

tiny urban farm 002

And where there are glass beaded shoes there is bound to be a princess or two.  Welcome race fans …

Princess of 500 002

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