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Cara fully prepared: Bonfire Sachets

In preparation for memorial day, I have prepared the fire starters for those marshmallow roasting, chocolate melting moments around the Bonfire.

Smore Bucket 003

I have chosen a two level 19 inch TRUPER tool box for the Bonfire.  I always pack tin foil, it serves as the protection and acts like the paper towel of the kitchen catching the drippings of Marshmallows and chocolate.  The kit fits in the muck bucket and so does not need wheels.

Fire Starter 005


The Fat Starters from LL Bean and the Hickory Chips will get the evening going without lighter fluid and make a more aromatic evening.

Fire Starter 004

Forgot your lighter, these tins contain matches with kindling candles to make the bonfire simple to light.   Wondering how metal protects the matches from moisture….

Fire Starter 003





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