Cara fully preparing for Spiral Thinking

As the Mammoth Peas planted on Saint Patrick’s Day spin their tendrils and move vertically spiraling  to their destiny….  I dwell in the spiral…. the 8 counts of infinity the intentional movement this is the  inspiration of my thoughts, words, actions and deeds.  Like a left hand turn around the speedway, spiral thinking moves us in a singular direction.

May 012

With a strong foundation the peas soar, clinging like a praying mantis to the new structure. What is your daily rhythm…  are you spiraling towards  grow or decay based upon your friends, habits and traditions.

The Caged Pea 001

Earlier in the season the snow peas were given a structure or platform for growth.  Repurposed planters turned upside down to give support for the long vining plant that starts as last years pea.    What or who is your foundational structure for your growth …  to spiral thinking.  Are you ascending or descending to the count of 8?








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