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Cara Fully Prepared: Memorial Day Frump free frugal fashion over forty

Let’s start with the apron… first, use one for your memorial day holiday and consider this a layer of fashion for short term use.  Disclaimer:  This lifestyle blog is not meant for those bring chips to the party or the soda pop.  This blog is for those over forty who dice the potatoes and pick the strawberries while rolling out the shortcake dough.  For women who are frugal enough to care about what we wear underneath the apron.  We need an apron that can be discarded when your family and friends gather to porch party for the Indianapolis 500.

Roll up those sleeves, there is work before the guests arrive this Tom Hilfiger top is perfect with a simple board short. the attention to detail requires to jewelry and is long enough to cover up a bathing suit.  This was my most expense acquisition for the holiday at $35.00.  This shirt also has a reoccurring cost of time, when washing you remove the laces and then wash the chambray in cold water.

Yes to shorts…  This ready white and blue ensemble says let’s go shopping with the ladies.  The red coral necklace is thick with red and draws attention to the face rather then my legs.  The new white eyelet shirt cost $9.00 and is the only new item to this look.

Going downtown for the fireworks, I have a much more formal jacket planned.  By staying in a neutral navy color block I am able to just purchase the new white blouse at a cost of $12.00 to freshen this look.

To stay frugal, I focus my budget on new white blouses and a new chambray or denim item that can double and a swimsuit cover up.  Shopping with a designated color pattern also limits the selection while allowing quicker decision making.  Time is money after all…

My thanks to the men and women who I honor by wearing the red, white, and blue on memorial day.





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