Cara fully prepared: Downsizing to Necessary

When there is no more room for overflow and you begin to make observations about your home operational systems.  If you are over forty your professional possessions, your sport and hobbies have crept into the living spaces.


I love baking and arranging wreaths and flowers.  These are my joy when I have completed my weekly operational systems that I find necessary in my home.  Here are the quick tips to keep your home:

Start the crockpot… think ahead and embrace that you need a simpler way to prepare a low cost meal while giving yourself the freedom of time.

Tackle High Impact Project:  Tackle the trash this step is always first on my list.

Clear a counter:  Pack everything away…  and I mean everything, I use tote to put items  and get to the surface to disinfect and clean.

tote 001

Clean a cabinet:  If you cleaned one weekly by clearing the contents, reviewing the contents to see if there necessary.  Let go of those things that do not serve you any longer.

Address a drawer:  Designate a purpose then dive the drawer into compartments while reallocating items or purging them to meet your objectives

Purge 5:  Just like filing paper into archive or the round file.  Items in your life have a season or shelf life.  Be brave and attempt to repurpose or let someone else treasure by donating

Refill and restock:  Preferences are important to observe.  I notice when clearing a counter that I prefer the single use wet wipe to the bottles of hand sanitizer.  Now, I can adjust and refill with only the necessary.

Stitch, Sew or iron:  I really enjoy working with fabric and linens but this operational system is more about maintaining what I have in my possession.   This is a 30 to 40 minute block of time dedicated to hemming, repairing or hand stitching to keep our clothing tailored. Below is my birthday sash that I designed for the dojo.  Fight night will have more bling this week at Level 10 Martial Arts.

Sash 001

Now fill up your life with exercise, experiences and memories.  Life has seasons and I want to make the most of them.







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