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#SowSeedSunday #1inamelon

So, I am a day behind on directly sowing into the ground.  I like to sow seed on Sunday, but since it is Monday, I will double my efforts with Sugar Baby Watermelons and Pie Pumpkins.

This is a new crop for U-Relish Farm with a new technique and new land that reclaimed from urban grass.  I choose to use a sand 60% and soil 40% mix and mound the amendments over the earth.  These plants are not contained within raised beds but these are new growing areas that have been left dormant for 2 years.

I did soak the seed before they were introduced to the soil.

Update as of June 15th… we have germination.  Because we did not have any rain I put in place a slow drip irrigation system using food grade buckets.

7 of 15 seeds sown can be cultivated.  So I have doubled my efforts with 15 more melons.  U-Relish Farm is a proud member of Indiana Grown.


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