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Cara fully prepared: the frugal detailing of a car

A frugal mindset begins with protecting your assets and minimizing damage of daily use.   A well fitted floor mat is an expense that will be depreciated over a long period of time.  I also choose to use a steering wheel cover to mitigate the wear and tear of use.

A single use protectorant makes moments that you are waiting productive and the side pocket is a great reminder to detail your car to keep your asset in top condition.  I found that I need to clean the edges of the seats with a damp sponge or cleaning cloth. Natural air fresheners like mint and lavender are found in the garden and neutralize the air naturally.

Air Freshner 001.JPG

Owning a shop vac has made the cleaning process more regular rather than the intermittent trip to the car wash.    Perhaps it can be a transitional ritual for your life to  vacuum out the debris of the day, week or month?
Curious how often you detail your car?



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